The Allen & Overy Podcast

Beyond Covid-19: Emerging market private equity driving growth

June 30, 2020

Corporate partner, David Foster and funds and asset management counsel, Kamar Jaffer are joined by V. Shankar, co-founder and chief executive officer and Huda Al-Lawati, partner, both at Gateway Partners. They discuss the role private equity can play in emerging markets as one of the key drivers of global growth following the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

Issues discussed in this podcast include:

  • Long-term outlook in favour of emerging markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia including the factors underpinning their attractiveness, relevance and growth potential.
  • Role of private equity in the face of megatrends such as supply chain disruption and de-globalization.
  • Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis including the impact on fundraising and changes in the approach, structuring of deals, valuations and management of portfolio companies going forward.

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